Understanding Electrification

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Electrification is simply changing how a device or process from its current energy source to electricity.

This can be defined by doing something as simple as changing from gas fuelled heating or cooking to electric options, or changing your petrol vehicle to a hybrid or full electric vehicle.

As demand grows for solutions to meet electrification needs, more suppliers enter the market creating offering more options & greater competition, which lowers prices and further increases demand. Globally this cycle is gaining more and more momentum

Electrification also impacts how electricity is generated. Plants that burned fossil fuels are now being replaced by wind turbines, solar farms and hydroelectric plants. Grid scale generation projects take years to plan, build and commission. To assist with this, prediciting the location and volume of future demand is vital.

At the other end of the scale is consumer driven generation from home or business solar installations. While these can be good for the owner of the property, too much excess supply being feed back into the local grid can cause significant issues as the local distribution networks are designed to push electricity out to the edges... not to consume it. Too much of this type of generation at the wrong time can disrupt the network.

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