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While we all flick a switch and expect our lights to turn on, or equipment to operate, the reality is that every single electricity connection in New Zealand limited to the amount of electricity we can draw instantaneously - this is called capacity.

Think of electricity like water flowing through a pipe. When you turn a tap on, water comes out... however there's a certain point where opening the tap further doesn't result in a faster flow or more water. You've reached capacity. Electricity is exactly the same.

All businesses have a limit on how much electricity they can use at any point. This is governed by a number of factors including the fuses installed on each circuit at the switchboard, the main fuse on the network-side of the incoming supply, or potentially even the upstream network infrastructure transformer.

So, commiting to the path to increased electrification is all well and good, but it comes with many operational challenges which need to be overcome... and few possess the awareness & experience to navigate these technical demands successfully, within reasonable timeframes, or at reduced financial risk to the business.

Understanding capacity and how to manage it like a boss...

Blackcurrent's Capacity Optimisation product provides a point-in-time view of capacity, but more importantly helps to identify the best options for a business to plan how and when to implement these options, and the ongoing ability to adjust as required. Blackcurrent's solutions challenge traditional thinking about capacity and load management, providing real time information that can assist retailers, distributors and end customers to better manage their capacity, peak demands and overall consumption.

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