Our Solutions

The building blocks of our business are simple...

Our cloud platform integrates IoT devices that collect data about how energy is being used. We combine the information and present this to our users as simply as possible.

  • Energy usage is visible in real-time and compared with the capacity available for the whole site.
  • Our platform can connect to any API enabled energy monitoring or management device.
  • We provide a simple interface that enables fact-based analysis and scenario planning to optimise how energy is accessed and used.

Key Elements of our Eco-system

Devices - we identify devices that deliver the data our customers need to optimise how they use energy today and in the future and bring these onto our platform

Platform - our software integrates the chosen devices and combines the data into a single usable set. Develop features through analysis of the data to deliver ongoing value

Data - the key for the future, our eco-system is built around data...

  • Collected from the devices integrated into our platform.
  • Sourced from respected entities to provide critical reference points for our data - e.g. weather, wholesale electricity market, customer water usage to name but a few.
  • Inferred - build data features that provide insights from the above and unlock the value beyond the simple data.
  • White labelling the platform - customers can either use or platform directly or access data via a partner branded service.

Simple is best - our solution and approach is unashamedly simple. There are other more complex solutions in the market that have a placeā€¦ but we see the need for a simple, cost-effective, real-time view to guide a customer decision making process around the capacity they have, what they need for the future and the options for securing this.

The Impact of our Solutions.

Establish an accurate picture of available capacity and projected demand to enable data driven change...

  • Enable customers to take control of their world; to use power in cleaner; more flexible and more efficient ways; to balance their financial and sustainability needs and goals.
  • Accelerate electrification and decarbonisation.
  • Promote local generation and storage to match demand and complement existing capacity:
    • technology such as solar and batteries give end users a real option to 100% retailer/grid supplied energy,
    • by controlling a proportion of their own energy, users have assurance against unplanned outages, benefit from long term price certainty, have the option to scale generation to meet their immediate needs or to provide excess energy to the grid.
  • Optimise use of existing distribution capacity and infrastructure - this benefits end users and network companies.

Capacity Optimisation Service

Blackcurrent's Capacity Optimisation product provides a point-in-time view of capacity but more importantly assists to identify the best options for businesses, to plan how and when to implement these and then track the impacts. Armed with real time information our customers can better manage their capacity, peak demands and overall consumption.

Using the data, we apply our Profile > Optimise > Change > Track framework to allow our customers to make informed decisions that deliver the most value for their future needs.

Implementing our service is a simple process that can be setup at any site within 60mins.

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