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The team at Blackcurrent is comprised of Energy and Telco industry veterans who have a proven track record with their successful and enduring approach to business and technology by building innovative business solutions.

The team has also worked across a variety of industries in NZ and overseas with the likes of Spark, Meridian, Vector AMS, Mainfreight and the IRD to name a few. This wealth of experience and expertise informs the pragmatic and down to earth way we approach our solutions, as well as the way we work directly with our customers.

Matt Strik

Chief Operating Officer

Matt brings a focus on implementing practical and pragmatic solutions that deliver real business outcomes. From leading a multi-million civil works and technology installation programme for a nationwide broadband network or project managing the development of an integrated energy and water metering solution, he brings 20+ years of experience of leading, planning and delivering infrastructure, technology and business change projects of all sizes. In his spare time Matt likes to ride Mountainbikes at various locations around the central North Island. Blackcurrent Ltd cannot be held accountable for any physical or emotional distress derived from the sight of Matt in bike shorts.

Jurjen Geerts

Chief Financial Officer

The numbers guy, Jurjen has been using his BCA and MBA at the sharp end of energy innovation for over 15 years. “It’s not just dollars and cents, it’s kilowatt hours, location factors, demand charges, everything. It’s a privilege to be part of a team that’s making sense of all those numbers for businesses who just want to reduce and have more control of their electricity costs.”. In his spare time, Jurj also likes to ride Mountainbikes. Blackcurrent Ltd would like to accept full credit and responsibility for the sight of Jurj in bike shorts. You're welcome New Zealand.

Andrew Pegler

Guy on Point

Pegs is an experienced Founder with a demonstrable history of success in marketing and market development for companies such as Spark, Meridian Energy and Flick Electric. Pegs has a strong operations background which is complimented by his experience and expertise in Business Planning, Team Building, Product Development and Renewable Energy. We have attempted several times to ask him exactly what "Guy on Point" means.

Shannan Williamson

Business Analyst & Tech Specialist

Our resident business guru, Shan has established an enviable career helping some of New Zealand's leading businesses develop and achieve their full potential. With an extensive background in the energy sector, Shan has lent her considerable project management and tech skills to businesses such as EECA, Meridian and Flick Electric. Shan was also a founding mentor for Cultivate Mentoring Lab, which focuses on growing young women into leadership and governance roles, providing support to them right from the start of their careers. In her spare time Shan also runs a successful building renovation business, maintains a lavish garden on her impressive property and raises her wonderful family. Shan is a really irritating over-achiever.

Adam Green

Head of Product Development

20 years in software development has provided Adam with a wealth of opportunity working for many of New Zealand's largest companies such as Spark, Intergen and Mainfreight. Adam's wealth of experience and pragmatic approach to getting the job done is what drives the company forward with supremely confident purpose. When not in front of a keyboard Adam can be found either riding a dirtbike at speed, or subsequently wrapped around a tree.

Dave McDonald

Chief Digital Officer

Dave has spent 25 years developing online solutions in roles ranging from UX/UI Consultant to Creative Director for companies such as Spark Digital, Auckland Museum, Bauer Media, Mainfreight and NIB. Over his career he has worked extensively with enterprise level companies to develop elegant products and solutions that focus on high-end user engagement and seamless technical delivery. A former professional drummer, Dave must be spoken to in a loud and deliberate fashion with no sudden movements.

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