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Get the right info. Paint a clear picture. Make your life easier.

Blackcurrent is an innovative Product Led, Customer Focussed company. Having identified a gap in the energy market, we have built a product offering that is unique, simple and innovative, painting an accurate picture of energy usage and capacity.

Unique because we are independent with no vested interest in how energy is generated, distributed or consumed, the flaws we have identified in the market cause a number of issues for electricity consumers, we are on a mission to simplify and innovate by putting the knowledge and power in the hands of our customers.

So what's the problem we are solving?

Market and regulatory pressure are driving an electrification & decarbonisation transition, yet businesses have no cost-effective way to check and right-size electrical capacity requirements and then understand their regular consumption behaviour. This makes it hard to write business cases to both select and fund the right generation or storage options.

The information collected by the Smart Meter companies and supplied through the Retailers is retrospective, at best days old but more likely weeks old with the data averaged over 30-minute increments, aggregated to a single data point providing minimal value to inform planning for the future.

The introduction of new consumer generated supply (e.g. solar and batteries) give consumers better options but have potential to add additional stress to local distribution networks who currently fly blind on the actual use of energy from their low voltage network.

The answer? Knowledge is Power.

Using the data collected by our cloud platform, Blackcurrent can provide a fact-based analysis of the opportunities or challenges to help meet the current needs of the business and develop a tangible plan for future use - be that changing how and when energy is used or introducing new technologies such as solar, batteries, electric vehicles and more.

The Blackcurrent approach of putting the customer first, mixed with data tools and a willingness to be completely transparent (and solution agnostic) pulls back the covers on the energy market. This gives our customers the opportunity to make smart, well-educated planning decisions. A win not only for the customer in terms of cost and energy capacity/use, but also a win for the environment in terms of carbon benchmarking and energy generation.

So who are we?

Our team's pedigree speaks for itself. Business founders and domain knowledge specialists with decades of hard-earned experience.

But we're not all business... click here to meet the team.

Partnering with Blackcurrent

The Blackcurrent team are very aware of what we excel at and where we need to partner to close skill or relationship gaps.

Our strengths? Business Development, Software Development, User Centred Design, Service Delivery, Market Development – these are the areas that we make a real difference. We also have a comprehensive working understanding of the New Zealand electricity market... Generation, Transmission/Distribution, Metering and Retail - we understand how all of the nuances impact the end user, and this is reflected in how we have developed out service offering to provide real value to different user types across the industry.

Where we look to partner – Sales channels, deep data analysis, deep technical knowledge, specific market segments, opportunities to expand in new markets

If you think that partnering with Blackcurrent sounds like a plan, please feel free to get in touch with us any time.

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